Leadership that makes sense now

Distance Learning has created huge challenges for even the most experienced educators.
Give your teachers and staff the kind of support that makes a real difference in their new daily work.
Help them find the way back to focusing on their students more and the technology less!

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Stormy seas offer you the chance to be a great captain

As a former school administrator myself, I understand the pressures of leading staff through this incredibly stressful time.

I also know the endless headaches of making distance learning happen.

There has never been a more important time to provide your teachers with relevant support.

Nor has it ever been so crucial to implement a great digital learning plan for your students. I am here to help you do both!

Let's turn chaos into calm, together.

Live PD Webinars

Working to plan Professional Development that really matters in 2020? 

Educators need practical takeaways and inspiration to tackle these unique teaching challenges. Let's schedule a custom webinar to meet your staff's current needs.

Virtual Teacher Training

Wondering how to give your staff the tools they need now?

Online learning is an affordable and practical option to provide quick support immediately, at a pace and time they manage themselves! 


Educational Technology Consulting

Looking for an experienced Online Educator to guide your distance learning or hybrid plan forward?

I am here to help school leaders with one-on-one or team sessions, either online or face to face in greater Orlando.


Practical solutions for the complex problems keeping you and your team up at night 

Distance Learning is the tip of the iceberg

Whatever your unique current instructional situation is, my best guess is that this school year has been one like no other for you and your team. Every building is different, and creative problem solving has never been more useful. While you may already have great team members onboard, sometimes a fresh perspective from outside your system can make a world of difference.

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Wondering where to start?

Contact me today with your current challenges, whatever they may be. Here are some ways I can help you and your team, but the possibilities are endless!


Developing Efficient Distance Learning Teams

Evaluating Software Purchase Selections

Identifying Individual Staff Training Needs


Coaching Admin on Streamlining Gmail

Crafting Sustainable Staff Tech Expectations

Planning Teacher Technology Training Remediation


Reducing Teacher Turnover in the Age of Covid

Prioritizing Student Screentime Choices 

Guiding Admin Dashboard Walkthroughs


Establishing a Culture of Accountability 

Creating a Tech Helpdesk System 

Optimizing Productive Virtual Meetings 


Finding Keyboarding and Coding Solutions 

Cleaning Up and Organizing Google Drive for Admins

Any Other Project Related to Digital Learning!


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Professional Development

Learning that is useful for how teaching looks now, customized to fit your staff.

Experienced educator with a no-nonsense approach and a tech friendly focus

Teachers learn best from each other. With my ten years of experience in the classroom with all grade levels from K-8, I can relate easily to your staff. I know the challenges today's teachers face, especially those on your faculty who do not see themselves as tech savvy. I am deeply committed to helping them grow as professionals and find joy in their work, even on the toughest days. 

Live PD Update

While so much of our world has gone online, I know many of our educators are hard at work, back in their buildings. I am currently booking all of my live group trainings in an online webinar format, for the safety of all. This enables your teachers to work collaboratively, while I facilitate the session remotely. 

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Sessions specially designed with your teachers and staff in mind

Teachers love learning, but they don't always love PD days. Why? Because often, the material isn't relevant to their current challenges in the classroom or online. Tangible, useful, just-in-time takeaways have never been more important. Let's plan a session together that is truly engaging and refreshing for YOUR staff! 

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