The Elegant Inbox

I created this online workshop to help remote learning teachers recapture time and reduce stress. Then I added in nine inspirational, elegant women and styled it as a closet makeover. I think the result is relaxing and useful. Now that it is finished, I am sharing it with the world!


Pop-Ins on the Patio

This is a new local service I am about to offer in my little corner of Florida... Helping students focus on staying structured and engaged in their remote learning, via a daily video message and quick weekend in-person visits. Outdoors, for pandemic safety!


Lost to the Mouse

My Disney focused Etsy shop that started as purely digital products. Now I am working more in custom water color paintings!


Audible: You are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero
Jen is an amazing coach and author. I have been lucky enough to work with her personally in a group coaching program. I continue to learn and grow from her straightforward approach to self development. (re-reading)

Fiction: The Cat Who Went Into the Closet by Lillian Jackson Braun

Part of my effort to read more fiction, I am about halfway through this old series of 29 mysteries. They are engaging and endearing bedtime reading.


"WandaVision"on Disney +
Strange. Nostalgic. Creepy. I love it.
(And I think even non Marvel fans can watch it as a stand alone.)

"The Lady and The Dale" on HBO
Happened upon this four part documentary fifteen minutes into the first episode and was riveted. Such a complex and crazy story of business, family dynamics and gender identity. It is also visually interesting with some cool animation styles and a great story telling style. Now awaiting the rest of the series to drop!



YouTube: Nick Offerman's 'Yule Log' 10 hours version
I dialed this up first for holiday ambiance, during this, my first Florida winter. However, I find Nick to be a good remote work companion. He drinks scotch, never talks and magically keeps the fire fueled all day. I don't really watch this, so much as use it as background noise, so I suppose that counts as listening?


Updated: February 05, 2021
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