The Elegant Inbox

I created this online workshop to help remote learning teachers recapture time and reduce stress. Then I added in nine inspirational, elegant women and styled it as a closet makeover. I think the result is relaxing and useful. Now that it is finished, I am sharing it with the world!


Pop-Ins on the Patio

This is a new local service I am about to offer in my little corner of Florida... Helping students focus on staying structured and engaged in their remote learning, via a daily video message and quick weekend in-person visits. Outdoors, for pandemic safety!


Lost to the Mouse

My Disney focused Etsy shop that started as purely digital products. Now I am working more in custom water color paintings!


Nonfiction: How People Learn by Nick-Shackleton Jones

I recently met Nick's brother, who was so enthusiastic in recommending Nick as an educational author that he immediately produced a paperback copy for me to read. He "cautioned" me about the British humor, which only got me more interested in reading it. 

Fiction: The Cat Who Went Into the Closet by Lillian Jackson Braun

Part of my effort to read more fiction, I am about halfway through this old series of 29 mysteries. They are engaging and endearing bedtime reading.


"WandaVision"on Disney +
Strange. Nostalgic. Creepy. I love it.
(And I think even non Marvel fans can watch it as a stand alone.)

"The West Wing" on HBO MAX
My daughter started watching this twenty-plus year old series and I just happened to be in the room for the first episode and was immediately hooked. I am a little bit late to the party and my favorite characters keep disappearing, but it is compelling viewing. It has an amazing shelf life and while everything has changed since it aired, nothing has as well.



YouTube: Nick Offerman's 'Yule Log' 10 hours version
I dialed this up first for holiday ambiance, during this, my first Florida winter. However, I find Nick to be a good remote work companion. He drinks scotch, never talks and magically keeps the fire fueled all day. I don't really watch this, so much as use it as background noise, so I suppose that counts as listening?


Updated: March 02, 2021
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