The Elegant Inbox

I created this online workshop to help remote learning teachers recapture time and reduce stress. Then I added in nine inspirational, elegant women and styled it as a closet makeover. I think the result is relaxing and useful. Now that it is finished, I am sharing it with the world!


Lost to the Mouse

My little side hustle Etsy shop that was started DAYS before Disney shut down for months. Now coming out of hibernation and seeing some first sales! 


Non-Fiction: Anything You Want by Derek Sivers

A great little business book with a heart... and it led me to making this page!

Audible: Hustle Harder, Hustle Smarter by Curtis Jackson
Yes, that's 50 Cent. This has been an interesting and worthwhile listen. 

Fiction: The Cat Who Wasn't There by Lillian Jackson Braun
Part of my effort to read more fiction, I am about halfway through this old series of 29 mysteries. They are engaging and endearing bedtime reading.


"The Queen's Gambit"on Netflix
Riveting! And great female leads.

"National Geographic's Magic of Disney's Animal Kingdom" on Disney +
So delightful and stress relieving, in spite of the title being an aspiring Russian novel.



YouTube: French Cafe-Autumn Jazz by BGMC
As I post this, this little number has 345,937 views. The 937 is probably me. This is not groundbreaking stuff (the BGM stands for Back Ground Music) but has been my favorite work soundtrack for quite some time. When I get stuck for ideas, I stare at the little cups of hot coffee. It helps.


myself that winter is coming.

I moved from Chicago to Orlando a few months ago and my brain is in perpetual summer mode. This trippy 80 degree "snow scene" didn't help much. 

Updated: November 24, 2020
This page inspired by the work of Derek Sivers