Hello, Orlando!


I am a recent transplant to gorgeous Hunter's Creek and I am happy to be providing live Remote Learning Coaching services in the Orlando area.

What is a Remote Learning Coach?


I help teachers, parents and administrators in the Orlando area problem solve, create routines and increase technology confidence to make remote learning more successful. I also provide support and advice for pandemic pods and micro schools, which are small groups of students learning together at someone's home or business.

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Even with sunshine and palm trees, remote learning is still hard work!

The pandemic has brought such sudden and unbelievable changes to our lives, it still sometimes seems like it must be a bad dream. 
Yet here we are, all these months later and no end in sight.

Back in February, I remember saying to a friend at work in Chicago, "I'll worry when Disney closes." Then it did, along with all the schools. As the Director of Digital Learning, my job was suddenly much more important.

We went remote and we figured it out, day by day. I am now helping families and teachers in Orlando find their way through this, too.

We can do this together.


No matter what the current instructional model you are dealing with, our work as educators has never been more challenging. I guide teachers to find balance between work and home. I help manage the new online demands and even tame the tech along the way.

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Keeping your kids on track with distance learning can be a lot of work! Add your own job on top of that and your life can get stressful fast. I help families with strategies, tips and schedules to make getting it all done easier.

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Distance Learning has created huge challenges for even the most experienced educators. Give your teachers and staff the kind of support that makes a real difference in their new daily work. Help them find the way back to focusing on their students more and the technology less!

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Services for Teachers

Are you fully remote or balancing a hybrid classroom? I can help!

Managing endless software platforms

Streamlining parent teacher communication

Creating a functional home office

Reducing technology headaches

Digital classroom management

Self care and stress reduction

Or any other distance learning struggle...

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Services for Parents

Here are some examples of how I can help, but the possibilities are endless!

Juggling work at home with remote learning

Creating effective learning schedules and habits

Designing effective student workspaces

Coping with frustrating technology

Motivating kids to complete online assignments

Or any other challenge you are facing with remote learning... 

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Are you running a Pod or Microschool?

These innovative solutions to the current situation we are facing are a huge endeavor! You may be struggling to balance the curriculum to meet the needs of all your grade levels, dealing with motivating your students, or constantly trouble shooting the technology. Reach out today with your current challenges and we will work together to find effective strategies!


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