You can’t stop the waves, 
but you can learn how to surf.

Jon Kabat-Zinn


Teaching was stressful enough before 2020

This job has never been easy. There has always been far too much work to fit into a day.

Too many new curriculums to learn and too many small groups to schedule. Too many bulletin boards to be filled, papers to be graded, tests to be proctored, lessons to plan, emails to read, phone calls to return, duties to do, devices to charge, seats to change, and students to manage. All that and much more, before one ever teaches a thing.

This job was already hard. And then, we added the incredible demands of going remote. All around the world, teachers had to relearn the job overnight. It is no wonder that so many educators are struggling, taking the year off or even resigning from a career they once loved. 

You may be remote, but you are not alone.

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