It is never too late to be
what you might have been.

George Eliot




I am Anastasia Hahn.
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Former teacher, tech coach and admin dedicated to helping other educators find their way through the challenges of remote learning.

Happy Place.

I recently made the biggest move of my life, in the most chaotic year ever. After 40 years in Chicago, I am now very lucky to be enjoying Orlando, Florida. It allows me to do some blissful things, like work in the morning and then wander in a lush green tropical forest in the afternoon... it is also the perfect spot to be near both of my adult daughters!

Past Lives.

 I was talked out of being an education major by my high school guidance counselor. So after college, I ended up working with seriously mentally ill adults for more than a decade. It was very challenging and rewarding work.

From there, I went into pharmaceutical sales. I really enjoyed educating healthcare professionals about medications. I didn't love spending most of my day in the car. However, it did get me hooked on books on tape! (Think Audible's grandma, for those of you unfamiliar.) 


I am a former teacher, instructional technology coach and administrator. My last gig in Chicago was as the Director of Digital Learning for a charter in the city. I taught mostly technology for my ten years in the classroom, but I also did a year of Kinder, just for giggles. 

I have a Master's degree in the Art of Teaching. My Bachelor's in Psychology is from the last century, but still comes in handy daily. I am currently licensed as a Professional Educator in both Florida and Illinois. 

Current Mission.

Education was hard enough before the world turned upside down. When we all went remote at the start of the pandemic, many teachers and parents expressed feeling extreme levels of stress, trying to make distance learning happen for kiddos. 

It was hard to watch and I wanted to fix it. Merging my tech, teaching and counseling background, I am now helping teachers, parents (our newest official educators!) and administrators manage the daily challenges of 2020 learning and still get some sleep at night.

Lifestyle Trivia.

 I spend a lot of time with a cat named Bandit and a dog named Rocky. We are working (unsuccessfully) on the two of them spending time together.  

I believe hydration is basically a superpower.

Second breakfast might be my favorite meal.

Turns out, a seven minute workout is perfect.

I once had lunch with Chuck Norris.

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