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Simmer Up Something New

reluctantly remote Dec 01, 2020

December has arrived, signaling the end of 2020 is finally near.

It brings me a sense of relief and hope for the new year ahead and also a certain drive to tie up loose ends before the fresh start. I have always loved the promise of January. The fresh calendar, the blank slate, the chance to launch new resolutions... never more welcome than now!

It is one of my favorite times of year, right up there with Back to School, which usually brings all those same feelings of new beginnings. Sometimes I think that an extra dose of New Year's was one of my reasons to become a teacher!

For many of us, January 1 is the great gate keeper for life changes. We start diets, quit smoking, join the gym, write the first page of the novel, get up early, run the mile, clean out the closet... there is magic to the new year resolution. Sometimes, now and then, those new habits even stick. That is a glorious thing, but it seems rare, because new habits are, well... NEW.


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The Remote Antidote: Get Outside

reluctantly remote Nov 15, 2020

One of the most daunting aspects of our current work style is the screen time.

Few of us went into the profession to spend all day long using technology.

There are far better paying options, if that was our true calling!

And most of us are aware of the health and well being consequences it can bring.

Yet, here we find ourselves, online, hour after hour. Day after day.

A simple solution presents itself.


Remember recess? I don't mean as a teacher. I mean as a kid.

Sometimes it was glorious. Fresh air, sunshine, movement...

Find space and time to close your screen and walk outside. 

Rain or shine, cold or hot, embrace it all.

Even five minutes will be a win.

Make it a habit every day.

Don't fret your steps.

Simply get out and take a break. 


p.s. bonus points for hopscotch...

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