Feeling overwhelmed by remote teaching?

The demands of online learning are so incredible, it seems nearly impossible to fit it all in!  Email has become one of the biggest headaches. On top of teaching all day, it can add a huge amount of stress. What if there was a simple system to manage it all?

The Elegant Inbox can help you transform your email experience, giving you back hours of time and peace of mind.

(and we even do it in a fun way)

Because e-mail isn't bad, she just needs a better closet!

The Elegant Inbox


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Welcome to The Elegant Inbox

The Elegant Inbox is a guided online workshop experience that gives you simple strategies to conquer your email, in an engaging "closet makeover" format and inspired by the words of some of the most elegant women in history!

Why fix your email first? 

Email shouldn't be a big deal, it used to be such a small piece of your day. Suddenly, it touches almost everything you do in your new digital classroom. 
Now, when you get behind on your email, everything else seems to start to fall apart.

What if a simple system could calm the chaos? 

Teachers already had far too many tasks to fit in one day, before the world turned upside down! You need to be able to finish the busy work quickly.
 Together, we clear out the email clutter, organize the important stuff and define the future system. We create a gorgeous new inbox for you, just like building a dream closet! 

I know how hard you work and how hard that work is, especially now.

The Elegant Inbox is as much self-care as it is professional workshop. Believe it or not, as dreary as e-mail can be, you may even have fun along the way!  You will leave this experience with an inspired new approach to your workday.

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Inside The Elegant Inbox Sessions

Fix the REAL problem with a constantly overstuffed inbox.

Use the S.T.A.R. system to save you time, energy and headaches.

Prioritize and Minimize your emails for optimal efficiency!

Use "Batches and Bundles" to make managing replies easier than ever!

STOP the 24/7 email and take care of yourself so you can live your life again!

Clear out all the clutter to make it easy to find what you want and need!

Use "The Hamper" strategy to stay on task and focus on your teaching day.

Streamline everything you read, write and send to save time and energy.

Keep it all neat and tidy so you never face feeling email overwhelm again.

p.s. plus inspiration from NINE amazing, elegant women!

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Imagine how different your life could be . . .

Right now, you may be struggling to just get through your teaching day. The list of things to do keeps growing and it is hard to know where to start. You may even feel like you are working all day everyday and barely keeping up.

You need real change, fast!

The Elegant Inbox

Does this sound better to you?

Opening your inbox everyday and having only a few new items to handle... Having time to lesson plan without popping into your email repeatedly... Being able to find just the message you need, painlessly... Teaching your lesson without constant interruptions... Closing your laptop after school and having dinner in peace... Taking the weekend off from parents, students and your team... 

It is all possible!

The Elegant Inbox

Now Only $27

Get this great offer TODAY. The price will be going up soon!



I'm Anastasia Hahn. Former Teacher, Tech Coach and Administrator. I hold a Master's in Education and a BA in Psych. I have had many classroom adventures over my 15 year career, but nothing compares to the challenges we are facing in 2020!

I created The Elegant Inbox as a way to help teachers cope with the incredible stress levels of remote learning. I wanted to share something not only useful, but beautiful and inspiring for you to enjoy. I hope you love the result as much as I do! This experience is so much more than a tech training and I can't wait to share it with you. 

What you GET inside The Elegant Inbox

The Big RE-Do

At the heart of The Elegant Inbox experience is this set of nine video sessions, showing you exactly how how to implement the system. We start each session with an inspirational quote, continue to a step-by-step strategy and end with an "ACTION!" plan for you to make immediate progress! And it is all themed in a fun "closet makeover" format, with lots of little surprises, to keep it entertaining.

The E-Z Diary

To guide the makeover of your inbox, there is the 25 page long E-Z Diary! This entire PDF workbook is available to you in our first session of the Big RE-Do and it is designed to be printed, punched and placed in a pretty binder. There are multiple pages to go along with each session, including space for your notes and lists of all the "ACTION!" steps. (There is also a version in black and white, to save your color ink!)

The Tech Help Book

The Tech Help Book provides 15 PDF pages of links and information to help complete your ACTION! steps.  It is a great resource to have online by your side as you complete The Elegant Inbox. Since so many districts are using the Google Suite of products, the links and tech tips in this guide are all based on GMail. They are arranged by session, so you will be able to click on a topic and open up just the help guide you need! 

The Tiny RE-New

The Tiny RE-New is a 5 page PDF collection of pages for you to print as we celebrate finishing up The Elegant Inbox. Once you have created your beautiful new "closet" we need a plan to keep it that way! There are three different formats here for you to use as reminders of your new system. Choose your favorite, or use them all! While this may be a tiny tool, it is a very important final step in The Elegant Inbox experience! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is The Elegant Inbox for?

New Teachers

Beginning your teaching career in the middle of the remote teaching chaos adds an extra level of difficulty. Starting great habits now with your email will ease the way as you learn your new career! One of the most useful things you can do for yourself in The Elegant Inbox is to establish a simple system to manage all of the email messages.

Experienced Teachers

No matter how long you have been teaching, this has been a school year like no other. Teachers with decades in the classroom have expressed there are simply not enough hours in the day to make it all happen. Starting to take back control with The Elegant Inbox is a great way for you to recapture hours of time in your week!


Remote learning has brought many new challenges for school leaders. I first developed the S.T.A.R. system for a busy Administrator like you. With so many responsibilities to juggle, having a framework for managing multiple projects all at once is critical. The Elegant Inbox will help you streamline your inbox, freeing you up to handle bigger concerns.

The Elegant Inbox

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A little sneak peek inside!

p.s. this is a silent movie.


The Elegant Inbox in 5 Easy Steps

Grab The Elegant Inbox TODAY!

2. Check your email for login information.

3. Complete the sessions of the Big RE-Do.

4. Finish all the Action steps in the E-Z Diary.

5. Choose your Tiny RE-New plan.

Enjoy YOUR new Elegant Inbox!

You are just a few hours away from . . . 

A streamlined and organized inbox ... Lesson planning in peace... Finding everything you want and need in moments... Hours of uninterrupted teaching time... Having a screen-free dinner... Relaxing with your family... Email free weekends to regroup and recharge... 

The Elegant Inbox is waiting for you!

The Elegant Inbox


Now Only $27

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The price will be going up soon!